Internet Billing Solutions
Company Profile

Internet Billing Solutions specialises in the implementation of billing solutions for I.T. infrastructure providers.

Our bespoke system offering will ensure revenue stream continuity through rapid, transparent, and accurate billing and invoicing. Your business is set to experience cost savings as well as enhanced customer relationships.

Our client partners include some of the largest global I.T. companies, which render their services to large industry-wide corporations - thereby utilising our billing systems.

Key benefits are:

•   Comprehensive Reporting
•   Data Transparency
•   Cost Allocations and Transfer Pricing
•   Tax and Multi-Currency Compliant
•   Dynamic Configuration
•   Improved Client Communication

System Features

Our primary focus is the implementation of billing systems that are capable of handling multiple convergent I.T. Infrastructure services - supporting fully interactive reporting and data analysis on client customised websites.

Online navigable and hierarchical data drill-down functionality used in combination with variable multi-format data output methodologies facilitates seamless transfer of billing data to third-party ERP and/or TCO systems.

The taxonomy of our sanitizing algorithms and decode rules make sure that third party measurement and configuration data is checked, cross-referenced, and invalid associations are fixed or removed, before being normalized and stored – resulting in much improved billing accuracy.


The solutions we offer are flexible, modular, and scalable, addressing a wide range of billing and reporting requirements.

Through the use of dynamic system configurations, we offer our clients the flexibility to evolve from one-to-many billing services at the pace and granularity appropriate to their particular business. As your customer base increases and your product offerings extend, we can provide solutions to meet your growing needs.

Implementation and deployment of our "Proof of Concept" applications will be delivered in record time – reducing costly upfront investment and risk to clients.

Client Partnerships

I.T. Service Provider Partnerships

•   BCX
•   Dimension Data
•   Liquid Intelligent Technologies
•   MTN
•   Paratus (Namibia)
•   Sintrex
•   Vodacom

3rd Party Clients

•   Nedbank
•   Nedbank Namibia
•   Nedbank CIB UK
•   Old Mutual
•   Old Mutual Insure